11-01-2018: CS and Team met with Sr.GM (Fin) & GM(HR&Admn)..

10-01-2018: Our CS Com.J.Badrinarayanan and Fin.Secretary Com.V.Gurumurthy , along with ACS Com.K.Rajnarayanan, ACS Com.S.Jaikumar addressed a meeting of the newly Recruited JTOs [Through GATE]undergoing Training at RTTC-MMNagar on 10-01-2018 at Lunch hour. After welcoming the Officers in to this great Company BSNL, we have explained the Trainees about the traces of our Company right from yester years and its present performance. AIBSNLEA insisted & advised the young entrants on the need to concentrate for our  Company’s Growth that only will ensure bright future. AIBSNLEA also assured them all possible help for a happy stay at Chennai Telephones District Area.


 Our CS along with CP & ACS (Accounts) met Sr.GM-Finance and discussed the following issues. During the discussion, DGM-FC & CAO-FC were also present.

  1. Shortage arising out of Transfer of six Accounts Officers from ChTD.

  2. Deployments of officers after proper work study since about Thirteen Accounts Officers are to retire shortly within a span of six months.

  3. Certain specific request Transfers in AO & JAO Cadre.

  4. Increasing the Ty.Advance amount from the present Rs.2000 to Rs.5000 without Legacy.

  5. We also impressed the Sr.GM-Finance on the need to meet the staff shortage by way of engaging Retired staff or through Apprenticeship.

  6. On informing that the pending medical bills were cleared by our JAOs during Sundays and Holidays, our Sr.GM-Finance asked us to convey his appreciation and congratulations to all concerned.

Our Sr.GM-Finance and his Team listened our views with due care and we informed  that a comprehensive report will be submitted to the Management by us shortly after which the Administration can take a considered view on our submission if found feasible. Our Sr.GM-Finance was very much optimistic about our proposals and directed the officers concerned to wait for the details from us before taking any further decision.   On the issue of recruitment of two JAOs, the Sr.GM-Finance directed us to take up the case with the Establishment Section.

Later on we met DGM (HR & ADMN) on this specific case, who advised us to interact with AGM- Establishment and we obtained the details from AGM-Estt and assured that the required clarification from the University will be obtained by us at the earliest.

Finally, we also met the GM (HR&ADMN) and apprised him of the development on JAO Recruitment and we also requested the GM (HR&ADMN) to consider request transfer cases of our comrades in various cadres at the appropriate time.                                                     ************************************************