31-03-2018 Retirement Felicitations

Com Padma Rangarajan JTO AMB TXM, was felicitated on superannuation by Com Ramalingam ACS, Com. Bharanidharan BS BSS, Com V.Nani BS AMB. AIBSNLEA Wishes a Healthy and Peaceful Retired life to Com. Padma Rangarajan.


Com Sekaran AO Branch FS Kodambakkam was felicitated by garlanding on retirement  by our CS and FS. We wish him a life of his choice. 


29-03-2018 Retirement felicitations for retiring officers

The following Officers who are retiring on 31-03-2018, were felicitated by AIBSNLEA CHTD. We wish a very Happy and Peaceful retired life for the retiring officers.

1. Comrade S.Ayyappan SDE-CIVIL felicitated with shawl by our OS-SOUTH CHQ  P.UdayaSuriyan.


2. Comrade M.Nazir Basha SDE-CIVIL was felicitated by our FS Com V.Gurumurthy.


3. Comrade Mrs.Devika Natarajan SDE(LA) retiring was felicitated by our AS-North-Chtd. B.M Pandian


24-03-2018 Retirement Farewell function

A grand Retirement farewell Function was arranged by Flower bazaar team on 23-0318 at 16:00hrs at Flower Bazaar Telephone Exchange Complex to honour DGM NE Sri B.Ganesan CWC Member on his superannuation . Honourable GMs, Senior Officers, OS(S)CHQ, Leaders of various Associations and Unions, retired officers etc participated in the function. Com B.Ganesan was a very simple and always approachable officer, and has taken meticulous efforts in growth of our Association. Great Enthusiasm was shown by all attendees of the function in greeting Com B.Ganesan,  which is a symbol of love and gratitude towards him. We wish you a very happy and healthy Retirement life comrade.


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