CPSU Hierarchy: Points to Ponder- Courtesy AIBSNLEA-TN CIRCLE.


 Meeting with Director (PSU) DoT: GS, President met Director (PSU) DoT and discussed regarding some issues raised by our Association on BSNLs CPSU Cadre Hierarchy proposal for improvement. The meeting was held as per the direction given by Jt. Secy. (Admn.) to Director (PSU). We explained our concern on various issues viz. AO to CAO, SDE to DE residency period will be 12 years instead of existing 7 years, cutoff date should be taken from the last DPC held and NOT from 01.01.2017 or prospective date otherwise the senior Group-B executive will be put on loss.

 We also pleaded that till the time CPSU Cadre Hierarchy is approved by BSNL Board and DoT, the CPCs are to be conducted subject to outcome of the court cases. Director (PSU) assured to appraise our stand to Jt.Secy. (Admn.).


 GS and President met CMD, BSNL and held discussions regarding approval of CPSU proposal. CMD informed that the date of implementation as 01.01.2017 is a decision taken by BSNL management for the interest of the company and its Executives and it has to be approved as proposed.CMD assured to intervene for getting the clearance for the proposal.


 Dear Comrades,

 Please go through the above two messages and think it over. Discuss with other Executives frankly and try to find out the answers for the following questions.

  1. Which will be in the interest of Executives? The date of effect from 01.01.2017 or from the date of last CPC may be 2013, 2014 or 2015? 

  1. Why we should demand the residency period of 7 years (as per the provision existing in MS RR) instead of 12 years (as proposed) for promotion from SDE/AO to DE/CAO. 

  1. What point is here in the interest of the Company?

The answers will make every one to take a conscience decision as to which proposal is better.

20-04-2018 Best Wishes Com K. Jayanthi

Com K. Jayanthi SDE BB(I&M) Ex Br President Broadband Branch, Voluntarily Retired from Service on 20.04.2018. On behalf of AIBSNLEA Com P.Udayasuriyan OS S(CHQ) Ex DGM BBS, Com J. Badrinarayanan CS, Com V.Gurumurthy, Com Lalitha JTO MBM Extl attended the felicitation function and honoured Com K. Jayanthi. 

AIBSNLEA thankfully remembers all the contributions made by Com K.Jayanthi and wish you a Happy and Healthy retired life.