23.06.2018 AGB of Kodambakkam Branch was conducted on 22-06-2018

The AGB of AIBSNLEA-KOD Branch was conducted at 17.00 Hrs on 22-06-2018, in the 1st Floor of Kodambakkam Telephone Exchange complex. The meeting was attended by our CP, CS, FS, V.P Com.N.Mahesh, CWC-Member Com.P.Suresh, ACS Com.S.Elango, ACS Com.K.Rajnarayanan, ACS Com.P.Ramalingam, ACS Com.S.Jaikumar, OS-West Com.H.Rajamani, OS-Central Com.S.Sivakumar, AS-West Com.P.Jagannathan, CEC-member Com.V.RaghuRaman, and CEC-Member Com.Bhaskar.

Our OS-West Com.H.Rajamani welcomed all the gathering and submitted the BS report highlighting all the activities of the Branch in detail. Our CS in his speech appreciated the active involvement of AIBSNLEA members in Kodambakkam Branch and specially thanked the efforts of our Circle Office Bearers in West Area in increasing the strength of our Association drastically. The stand of our Association in handling various local issues was highlighted and it was emphasised that AIBSNLEA members are aiming more towards betterment of BSNL leaving behind their individual issues. All the Circle office bearers present addressed the gathering.

Our beloved OS-South-CHQ Com.P.Udaya Suriyan who was a special invitee to this AGB explained in detail the role played by AIBSNLEA with respect to implementation of CPSU Cadre Hierarchy, 3RD PRC and the CPC to various grades. Our OS-South was forthright in stating that AIBSNLEA will ensure conducting all DPC before implementing CPSU Cadre Hierarchy. Our Senior Comrade Sri.E.Sekaran Sr.AO-Retired who was enthusiastically involved with our Association activities was honoured by AIBSNLEA on this occasion and Sri.E.Sekaran has contributed a sum of Rs.2000.00 (two thousand) as donation for the Association on the eve of the Branch AGB.

 As part of the proceedings, election of new office bearers was held and the following are the constituent of new body.




Branch President Smt.Subhashini Srinivasan DE 9445041399


Branch vice President Sri.S.Rajendran   SDE 9444964747


Branch Secretary Sri.M.Anand Kumar AO 9445800555
4 Asst.Branch Secretary Sri.S.Palayam JTO-Civil



Finance Secretary Sri.K.Kannan AO 9445637878
6 E.C.Member Smt.A.Kavitha JTO


7 E.C.Member Smt.S.Meenakshi JAO


8 E.C.Member Smt.K.Nirmala SDE


9 E.C.Member Smt.SriDevi AO


 Finally vote of thanks was delivered by Com.Suresh CWC-Member.