31-07-2018 AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes to all Officers retiring on superannuation today

AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life to all the Officers retired from service today on superannuation from Chennai Telephones.

Com.G.Sivaramakrishnan AO TR central was honoured by AIBSNLEA on the eve of his retirement.


Com.Omana Manoharan DGM TXI was honoured by AIBSNLEA on the eve of her retirement.


Com.Krishnan SDE NIB was honoured by AIBSNLEA on the eve of his retirement.


Smt.Usha Sundar AO GSM, felicitated on her Superannuation with a Shawl


Felicitation to Shri .Tns.Ravichandran JTO PML on his superannuation by AMB Division


Farewell to Smt.Devaki SDE KKN OCB on her retirement on superannuation 


13-07-2018 Posting of AGMs/DEs on promotion at Chennai TD

              On behalf of AIBSNLEA Chennai telephones, we are extremely thankful to our Respected CGM for accommodating and issuing place of posting orders to all the newly promoted AGMs.
                  Our sincere thanks to the entire administration team under the guidance of our PGM (HR& Admn) for the marathon effort in this process.
                 Similarly, we are grateful to the FC team for their tireless work in collecting data and submission to BSNL CO in the shortest possible time for ensuring smooth release of promotion orders to our Finance officers.
               At the same time, we appeal to all the promoted officers in all the streams to come out with all their inherent talents & innovative ideas towards improving the revenue of our company.
             Further we also request our entire Executive fraternity not to mind the initial inconveniences in the working conditions, since a huge promotion orders like these will have itsown implications till things settle down.
Ultimately for us BSNL is more important than anything else.

04.07.2018 CHQ News…

                    Please see the SNEA CHQ website and their cry for promotion orders now leaving behind the CPSU cadre hierarchy. Since they are unable to digest their failure, they are now putting all sorts of statistics ( as if these are known today only) and also trying to divide the entire Telecom executives by cadre,caste and what not.
              This is something similar to our politicians coming out with figures after their election loss.As educated & matured executives, we should understand their intentions and ensure unity amongst executives.
                  It is a fact that in any pay revision juniors benefit more and similarly in a sequence of promotion orders like a tsunami, relatively juniors stand to get benefit.
Our aim must be ” what is required for us ” and not ” what is to be denied to others”.
               Further, SNEA has also conveniently forgotten their ” joint forum with AIGETOA ” in this flow of promotion orders.
It is time for all to think and make a considered opinion.

                  We repeat, as far as AIBSNLEA is concerned, BSNL is more important than anything else.