31-08-2019 Retirement felicitations:

AIBSNLEA Chennai extend its warm wishes for a Happy & Peaceful retirement life for all those officers & Staff of Chennai Telephones who are retiring today.

Our special wishes to

  1. Smt. Kirupa Kasturi CAO – NBA.
  2. Smt. Angayarkanni SDE – HBR Extl
  3. Sri.  K.Kamaraj SDE –GSM-BSS-R.K.Nagar


Felicitating Smt.Angayarkanni SDE Harbour Extl


Felicitating Smt.Krupa Kasturi CAO


Felicitating Sri.K Kamaraj SDE GSM BSS


Report on Felicitation Function on 06-08-2019

Dear Comrades,

As planned, the felicitation function to honor the CHQ office Bearers elected from Tamilnadu / Chennai and our CHQ President was organized jointly at Chennai on the 6th August 2019 at Bharathi Ram Kalyanam Mandapam, West Mambalam Chennai 600033.  The CEC of TN Circle was conducted at the same venue from 10.00 hrs. to 15.30 hrs, and the felicitation function started by 15.30 hrs.

The event was presided over jointly by the presidents of Chennai Telephones & TN Circle namely Sri.R.Srinivasan & Sri.P.Tamilselvam and Sri.V.Sundar Rajan ACS-AIBSNLEA-T.N.Circle welcomed the gathering.

With enthusiastic applause from the audience, our CHQ Leaders, namely the President CHQ, Com.Subhashih Mitra, beloved GS Com.S.Sivakumar,OS-South CHQ Com.C.Durai Arasan, Advisor Legal Com.R.Guruprasad,and Advisor DR Com.S.Shivakumar were requested to occupy the Dias followed by the leaders of Unions & sister Associations. 

The invitees of other unions & sister Associations, who addressed the gathering and felicitated all the CHQ office Bearers, with specific mention about our beloved GS Com.S.Sivakumar includes,

  1. P.Abhimanyu GS-BSNLEU-CHQ
  2. V.SubbuRaman –GS-TEPU-CHQ
  3. P.N.Perumal – Advisor SEWA-CHQ
  4. C.Chellappa – Dy GS-BSNLEU-CHQ
  5. P.Charles CS-SNEA-Chennai Telephones
  6. M.Kanniappan CS-BSNLEU-Chennai Telephones
  7. J.Vijaya Kumar CS-TEPU-Chennai Telephones
  8. G.Valanarasu CS-SNEA-T.N.Circle
  9. R.Natarajan CS-NFTE(BSNL) TN Circle

Apart from the above, Sri.C.K.Mathivanan Vice President NFTE-CHQ who could not participate in the function sent a message congratulating the newly elected leaders and Sri.S.Kamaraj, ACS-AIBSNLEA-T.N.Circle addressed the gathering.  All the leaders spoke about the attitude and determination of our beloved GS in solving issues and getting along with all other leaders of various unions & Associations as part of AUAB.  On behalf of Executives the CS-SNEA T.NCircle expressed a desire that it is time to unite all Executives under one umbrella that was widely appreciated by those present. Taking cue from this, even some of the Union leaders went further to the extent of uniting all staff& Executives under one umbrella that willpave way for better achievement of results.Though we appreciate the sentiments of all union leaders in such a felicitation function, AIBSNLEA-Chennai desires that at least merger of Associations in Executive cadre takes place and it is the necessity of time.

Our GS Com.S.Sivakumar in his acceptance speech said that he was moved by the affection shown towards him by leaders of almost all unions & Associations and confirmed that AIBNLEA will continue to fight for the right of working class. The meeting ended at 18.00 hrs. after which the interactive session between our members and the GS commenced.

The interactive session was initiated with a detailed presentation of facts by Sri.N.Veera Pandian Ex-CS-AIBSNLEA, T.N.Circle and hoped that the interactive session will be useful for one and all.

This was followed by an address by Sri.J.Badrinarayanan CS-AIBSNLEA-Chennai, who recollected the events in the recently concluded AIC at Vijayawada in detail and submitted some suggestions to the CHQ for implementation from the next AIC, that will be definitely useful for improving the performance of the Association in the interest of the Executives as a whole. The CS –AIBSNLEA-CHENNAI, also shared the ordeals faced by the Field Executives in the present scenario and expressed the hope that the new CHQ set up will ensure a conducive working atmosphere for the younger generations and a smooth exit for the seniors.

After this there were several queries from our comrades seeking clarification from the GS and our beloved GS explained in detail all the points raised by the comrades and assured that AIBSNLEA will strive hard to ensure better days are ahead for BSNL and our members.

On behalf of AIBSNLEA-Chennai & T.N.Circle a small memento was also presented to all our new CHQ leaders as a token of our affection.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Com.K.Rajnarayanan ACS-AIBSNLEA-Chennai, followed with a Dinner.

While AIBSNLEA Chennai Telephones expresses its gratitude to our beloved President &beloved GS for making it to Chennai on our request, we extended our sincere thanks to all the leaders who attended the meeting and all our beloved comrades of Chennai &T.N.Circle who made the whole day a grand event in such a short notice.

Our special thanks to Com.C.DuraiArasan CS-AIBSNLEA-T.N.Circle and Com. K. Rajnarayanan ACS-AIBSNLEA-Chennai Telephones for making all arrangements for the whole event in a nice manner.

Yours comradely,