30.06.2020 Happy Retirement Day Wishes

AIBSNLEA Chennai TD Wishes a Happy Retirement day for all the Members and Officers retiring on Superannuation today.

Our ACS Com.Ramalingam,Auditor Com.Suresh & Com.Selvarathnam honoured Sri.B.Manjunath DGM HR & Com.C.P.Sridhar AO Payments on the eve of their superannuation today. AIBSNLEA wishes them a happy and peaceful Retired life.



2nd Membership Verification of Executives Association on 18.08.2020

Vote & Support AIBSNLEA to save BSNL and its Executives

 Dear Comrades!

August 18th is the most crucial day for BSNL Executives’ career because this day decides who will represent the Executives of BSNL before Management, this day decides who will negotiate with the Management on behalf all Executives, this day will decide who can take care of BSNL future/ Survival in view of the present Financial crunch of BSNL/Covid-19…etc., etc…. So friends, time/ opportunity to take crucial decisions will not come again and again……. So everybody must vote on 18th August 2020 without fail as the Vote is the most powerful weapon in Democracy…… So now you are going to vote … To whom you have to vote? You have to vote AIBSNLEA to make BSNL number one. 

For the last three and half years, you had given us an opportunity to serve you as the Supporting Association. In the BSNL History, last two years was the most crucial and challenging period for the Association as well BSNL. After becoming the Support Association, Vision and Positive approach of AIBSNLEA benefited thousands of Executives by Promotion through CPCs, which is a Major breakthrough and Achievement of AIBSNLEA About 14,000 Executives have been promoted in June-July, 2018 and Nov, 2018 which has given a great relief and Morale booster to the Executives who were waiting for their promotions years together. It is a Mile Stone in the History of DOT as well as BSNL. AIBSNLEA able to settle certain issues and made headway in some other issues. We all know that these are happened when BSNL is facing severe financial crunch and try to regain its Original Pristine Glory.  During this period, under the banner of AUAB, we have conducted many struggles demanding Pay Revision,  Allocation of 4G Spectrum, Financial Support from Government, Pension Contribution as per FR 116 on actual Basic Pay etc.,

Friends! AIBSNLEA always works with utmost sincerity on the issues. We never have heart burn if our youngsters are getting any benefit. It is a natural process that those coming late in Department always benefit and if anybody is having heart burn for that then it is a serious question mark on working of the Association…

We request all the Executives not to be misguided by such Malice/ Mischievous Propaganda/ Campaigns. We request all to analyze the facts, quick action of AIBSNLEA , approach of AIBSNLEA on the issues and then decide….

Friends…We, (AIBSNLEA) always believe on doing work on ground level. We always believe that actions speak louder than the words…We work for the whole Fraternity. It is our utmost priority that none of the Executive is at loss.

For those who are singing the tunes of themselves being the saviours of Youngsters and spreading the mischievous campaign.. ….

We request the whole BSNL Executive Fraternity to think, introspect and decide….

AIBSNLEA is putting Maximum efforts for the protection of the entire Executive Community.  As the results are not in the hands of Leaders, it is in the hands of every Executive who are the soldiers and how they support their Leaders. Hence cast your vote in favour of AIBSNLEA so that the future of Executives is secured and BSNL is saved…

In order to protect the interests of Executives in the years to come, it is the need of the hour to cast Your Votes in favour the AIBSNLEA and make it a No.1 Association.

Friends! Finally I can tell 100 reasons why you must vote for AIBSNLEA ….

1. If You want full 30% SAB i.e. 12 Percent Superannuation Contribution as realistic contribution…    Vote for AIBSNLEA.

2. If You want…  No MT recruitment in BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA..

3. If You want…  No DGM recruitment in BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA..

4. If You want… Your Career Progression up to the level of GM/ CGM/ Director, Vote for AIBSNLEA.

5. If You want… implementation of left out issues of 2nd PRC, Vote for AIBSNLEA.

6. If You want… 3rd PRC, Vote for AIBSNLEA.

7. If You want…  Vibrant future for BSNL, Vote for AIBSNLEA.

8. If You want… BSNL Executives future for coming 3 years in safer hands, Vote for AIBSNLEA.

9. If you want Regular Promotions in all Streams/ Cadres- Vote for AIBSNLEA.

10. If You want… Strong and Vibrant Skills of Negotiation with Management, Vote for AIBSNLEA.


MAKE AIBSNLEA No. 1 Association!