Vote for AIBSNLEA for the best of BSNL

Dear comrades,

AIBSNLEA has been maintaining good rapport with all the Associations for ensuring a conducive working environment as well as in the overall growth of our beloved company BSNL.

This attitude does not mean sacrificing our individuality, and we the circle office bearers of AIBSNLEA Chennai emphasize that AIBSNLEA is second to none in taking up the cadre interest with the management. This particular aspect of AIBSNLEA has been proved time and again and despite our being a support Association during the past three years, AIBSNLEA achieved a lot both at CHQ level and at circle level through a continuous persuasion.

If you closely watch, this persuasive power is definitely lagging with the other Associations and their attitude and path is aggression that has not worked so far and will not work in future also.

Hence, request all our colleagues to think what is best for BSNL and to its Executives, and accordingly advise them to stamp their preference for AIBSNLEA at Serial number one on Tuesday the 18th August 2020 and make AIBSNLEA as the number one to serve you better.

Let our Executives not be carried away by any false promises and propaganda.

AIBSNLEA CHQ & AIBSNLEA Chennai are clear in our thoughts and mind that, despite “Standing Alone” we will come out with Flying colours on 18-8-2020.

With best wishes,

Circle office Bearers