05.10.2020 CHQ News..

05.10.2020 Grant of 5 (five) Advance Increments on the minimum revised E1 IDA Pay Scale of Rs.16400-40500 to the SRD JTOs  & DRs Specially abled  2010 batch, LDCE JAO 2013 batch  DR JAOs of 2015, 2018 batch, DR JTO of 2017 batch  LDCE JAO 2016 batch and LDCE JTOs  of 2016 & 2017 batches.

To the Kind attention of all Post 2010 Batch DR/LDCE JTOs & JAOs Batches:

Dear Friends! AIBSNLEA is the only Association continuously taking up the issue of E1+ 5 increments to the post 2010 JTO/JAO DR & LDCE  at different level for quite long time due to non approval  of E2 Scale by the DoT. GS, AIBSNLEA has written to the BSNL Management about this anomaly and explained about huge difference in Pay to the tune of Rs 10000/- between the two sets of Executives recruited after 01.01.2007 onwards which created widespread resentment among the young Executives. The young DR and LDCE JTOs/JAOs  were demoted to a lower Pay scale and placed in E1 scale provisionally.

Due consist and continuous  efforts of AIBSNLEA , BSNL Board approved the grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 to the directly recruited JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch and directly recruited JAOs in respect of whom result declared in 2010 have been ordered to be fixed at Rs.19020/- and subsequently  BSNL Board approved the same for JAO 2010 LICE batch (both 10% Quota & 40% Quota) i.e., the pay of such JAOS has been fixed in the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500/- by granting one notional increment @ 3% of their existing pay in the feeder grade or at Rs. 19020/- by way of granting five advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 scale, whichever is higher.

Like that due to continuous persuasion of AIBSNLEA with the BSNL Management, the grant of 5(five) advance increments on the minimum of the revised E1 pay scale of Rs. 16400-40500 to SRD JTOs 2010 batch and LDCE JAOs 2013 batch has been considered and approved by the MC of the BSNL Board. But the approval of BSNL Board is kept pending for the past so many years due to BSNL Restructuring Plan.

AIBSNLEA brought to the notice of the CMD, BSNL that the initial Pay of DR JTO Specially-abled 2010 Batch, DR JAOs of 2015, 2018 Batch, DR JTOs of 2017 Batch, LDCE JAOs of 2016 batch and LDCE JTOs of 2016 & 2017 batch recruited/appointed as per the same Recruitment Rules as of DR JAO 2010 Batch was fixed at Rs.16400/- only and they are deprived from getting of 5 Advance increments; which is clear disparity and serious anomaly among the similarly placed JTOs/JAOs. The difference in basic pay of DR JTO Specially abled 2010 Batch, DR JAOs of 2015, 2018, DR JTOs of 2017, LDCE JAOs 2016 and LDCE JTOs 2016 & 2017 batches become Rs 2620/- (Rs,19020– Rs.16400) comparing to the DR JTOs of 2007 batch, 2008 batch and JAOs of 2010 LDCE batch. If other allowances are added, the real difference in salary today will be around Rs 10,000/-. On implementation of 3rd PRC, the difference will further increase and continue with time due to increase in IDA and annual increment. Further all are facing major losses in the form of career progression (time bound promotion), retirement benefits like E.P.F., Gratuity etc., due to discrimination of the initial basic pay compared to other similarly placed JTO/JAOs. 

AIBSNLEA in it’s letter also mentioned that they will get E-2 Scale as per the time bound EPP after 6 years only since they are placed in Rs.16400- 40500 Scale and they have not touched the next Scale within 4 years (as per the BSNL EPP) due to non grant 5(five) Advance increments. Whereas the earlier 2007&2008 DR JTO batch, 2010 DR JAO and 2010 LDCE batches  have got E2 Scale in 4 years which is the great injustice  and discrimination.

Due to implementation of VRS-2019 in BSNL and sudden outbreak of the present pandemic situation, the immediate propulsion faced by the Executives, especially the younger ones are hard to believe. They have already labeled themselves as silent fighters, who fought not only for their livelihood but also to run the Dreams of Indian Telecommunication amidst the most turbulent condition. Surprisingly, these energetic, educated and committed brigades have continuously been deprived in many spheres relating to their career in BSNL service. The financial difference between their of their senior counterparts due to Pay loss of Rs 10,000/- per month is unimaginable and unfair too.

In view of the foregoing,  AIBSNLEA fervently appeal to the CMD BSNL to kindly intervene in the matter and cause to issue necessary instructions to the Officers concerned to extend E1+5 increments to SRD JTOs 2010 Batch, DR JTO Specially-abled 2010 Batch, LDCE JAOs 2013 Batch, DR JAOs of 2015, 2018 Batch, DR JTOs of 2017 Batch, LDCE JAOs 2016 and LDCE JTOs 2016 & 2017 Batches so as to increase the morale of the Young Executives…..<<<Click here for letter>>>