19.07.2021 Interactive Session with GS was held at FBR

Interactive Session with GS was held at Flower Bazar on 19.07.2021. GS elaborated the present ongoing actions at BSNL CO, Restructuring, Salary Issue, Organizational Activities taken up by AIBSNLEA with Corporate Office etc. More than 50 Office Bearers/ Members took part in the Meeting. GS answered all the doubts and queries raised by Members.

CS, CP, FS, ACSs, Circle Office Bearers, Ex. CS, Ex CP, Ex FS, Branch Office Bearers and Members also attended the Interactive Session. GS was honored with shawl by Circle Secretary.

08.07.2021 JTO to SDE(T) Promotion Orders Issued

Long awaited JTO (Telecom) to SDE (Telecom) Promotion Orders (3697 nos.) against 67% seniority-cum-fitness quota have been issued by BSNL Corporate Office due to consistent and continuous efforts of AIBSNLEA.

All the Executives on their promotion are posted in the Circle where they are currently working.

AIBSNLEA extend its sincere thanks to our CMD BSNL, Director (HR), PGM (Pers.), DGM (Pers-JM), AGM (Pers) and the whole team of Pers branch for their Herculean and Tireless efforts throughout Day and Night for the past one week for the issuance of the JTO (T) to SDE (T) promotion orders.