29.11.2021 Circle Office Bearers met CGM and submitted letter for reconsideration of sanctioned posts in Accounts wing

In continuation with the restructuring orders from BSNL CO- CS, CP, FS and Circle Office Bearers met CGMT and submitted letter for reconsideration of sanctioned posts in Chennai TD in th cadre of DGM(F), CAO, AO and JAO. Also CS expressed our dissatisfaction on the unwarranted orders from BSNL CO. Neither of the revenue aspects or growth aspects regarding Chennai being a Metro area was taken into consideration while preparing the sanctioned strength. CGM acceded for increased posts in Accounts stream and agreed to submit review letter to BSNL CO immediately, in strong words.

Similarly our GS also submitted letter to CMD to review the sanctioned posts in Accounts wing in CHTD. We request Accounts comrades to keep faith and the issue will be resolved soon.

25.11.2021 Emergency COB Meeting held at Mambalam

In view of the awful orders released by BSNL CO regarding the manpower restructuring in various wings- Telecom, Accounts, Civil and Electrical, an Emergency COB meeting was held at Mambalam TE at 17:30Hrs. CS, CP and FS collected inputs from COB Members in Engg and Accounts wing. The discussions in the COB meeting are as follows

  • Interest of all the Executives of BSNL CHTD to be protected.
  • The restructuring order is totally against the will of Executives and shortage of posts in each cadre to be studied and escalated to CGM immediately.
  • The Restructuring Order is against existing Recruitment Rules and Promotion Policy, hence un acceptable.
  • Approved posts in JTO/SDE cadre and JAO/AO cadre to be separately notified.
  • COB suggested that All the three major Associations must fight against this order in common platform and common letter to be served to CGM CHTD immediately as this is questioning the existence of Executives.
  • The acute shortage of posts in Accounts wing notified is an example of poor study of workforce required by BSNL CO.

Further it was decided that as first course of action, a letter shall be served to CGM immediately after discussing with all Associations.

24.11.2021 AUAB Protest against Restructuring orders was held at CGMT Office

The Manpower restructuring order was released by BSNL CO for Telecom Technical wing, Accounts, Electrical, Civil wings separately. The order is not only meant for marking an end for BSNL, but also against the existing Recruitment Rule and Promotion Policy. AUAB have called for a lunch hour demonstration to protest against the gesture of BSNL CO, and the Executives gathered at CGMT CHTD Office along with Circle Secretaries of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIGETOA.

28.10.2021 AGB Meeting of Flower Bazar Branch was held

AGB Meeting of Flower Bazaar Branch was held on 28.10.2021. CS, CP and FS attended the meeting in addition to the BOBs and Members. CS explained about the Organizational developments and efforts of AIBSNL CHTD to withhold the on going Chengalpet Transfer of JTOs(SDE LAs) until restructuring.

Com A.V.Krishnadoss AO Cash COBA who is retiring on 31.10.2021 was felicitated with shawl by Circle Secretary and Branch President and all wished a healthy retired life to the retiring comrade.