16.06.2022 Ambattur Area Branch Meeting was held on 15.06.2022

Ambattur Branch Meeting – consisting of Ambattur, Avadi, Anna Nagar, Madhavaram was held on 15.06.2022 at 05.30pm at Ambattur TE. Meeting was well organised by BS Com Kombiah.CS, OS(S) CHQ, ACS’s attended the meeting. Branch members shared their review of activities followed by Circle office Bearers. CS discussed the status of organizational activities at circle level and CHQ level. The need for improving membership in the Jun-Jul window period was stressed in the meeting.

06.05.2022 Haddows Road/ Kushkumar Road Branch Office Meeting held on 05.05.2022

Branch Office Meeting of Haddows Road / Kushkumar Road Branch was held on 05.05.2022 at 05:30pm.

POSITIVE takeaways from Haddows Road branch meeting

  1. Circle body planning a meeting with GMHR and GMF to discuss technical and finance restructuring and offer our views. And also to request action on pending transfer requests.
  2. With regard to finance restructuring, all out efforts are being taken by CHQ as well as circle body to get the numbers enhanced. Hoping for a positive result.
  3. Lot of false propaganda is going on about recent transfers wherein efforts taken by our CoBs has been conversely indicated as an attempt to block the transfer. Members are requested to stay aware and vigilant against such false propaganda.
  4. AIBSNLEA is transparent in its dealings unlike other associations.
  5. Lets spread the word about the good work and efforts taken by circle body and CHQ for all members and also in some cases non members.
  6. Beware of them and guard yourself. Your loyalty is NOT FOR SALE.
    Special thanks to Branch Office Bearers HRD for nice arrangement .

    P Ramalingam
    Circles Secretary.