13.09.2022 CHQ News

13.09.2022  GS, President, Dy.GS and Auditor CHQ met GM (Pers) and discussed the following-

Pending SDE(T) to AGM(T) Promotion: We enquired on the latest status of releasing the long Pending and most awaited Promotion orders.  We requested to release the promotion orders by tomorrow itself, if the stay would be vacated by tomorrow in the  Hon’ble CAT Jabalpur. GM(Pers) mentioned that Management is  ready after completing all the formalities and waiting for the outcome of the CAT Jabalpur. We requested to consider all the eligible SDEs for the AGM promotion  and to post all the SDEs to their respective parent circles during their promotion to AGM(T). We further requested the GM (Pers) to make all smooth arrangements for joining to the promoted cadre on the same day for all the officers especially for the officers if at all they would be posted out of their parent circles. GM (Pers) assured to take care of the matter in true spirit.

AO to CAO Promotion Status Quo case: We submitted the inordinate delay in vacating the “Status Quo” case pending in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh in respect of AO to CAO promotions. The Court case pending since last 4 years in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh is again postponed the case to 28-09-2022 due to the non – availability of bench on the last date of hearing. The case is adjourned for 28 times during these 4 years spell by the Hon’ble CAT. We strongly submitted that AIBSNLEA cannot just swing with the adjournments of the case on the long-lasting case.  

GM(Pers) shared our concern and suggested that BSNL Management is very much keen on the case and expecting the stay get vacated soon. AIBSNLEA submitted a solution to the Management for issuing the AO to CAO promotion orders without much delay and sought support of Management for the same. GM (Pers) responded positively and mentioned that AIBSNLEA suggestion is much appreciated and assured to take all out steps for the early resolution of the court case accordingly.

Pending SDE(E) to AGM(E) Promotions: We submitted to release the pending promotion orders in Electrical wing also as there is no court intervention in the Promotion process for SDE(E) to AGM (E)  . The executives in Electrical vertical absorbed to BSNL as regular SDEs in 2000 are desperately waiting for their eligible promotion for more than  22 years is a matter of big concern, worry and de-motivation to all. GM (Pers) informed that the promotion process is almost finalised and mentioned that subsequent to the release of the promotion orders from SDE(T) to AGM(T), Management will release the SDE(E) to AGM(E) promotion orders . Also the pending promotions in TF wing, Arch wing & CSS Cadre have no blockage for issuing  promotion . In Civil wing  understandably some court intervention is there . BSNL management is hopeful of vacating the hurdle  for the promotion in Civil wing also . We appreciate  GM(Pers) for the very positive response.

Bug in the APAR software package which is affecting the careers of the Executives: we requested to settle down the APAR issue of the affected executives as they are denied with Financial Upgradation and this may be affecting their coming up promotion process also for the reason no way related to them. GM(Pers) assured that the case will be settled without delay.