06-04-2017 Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHTD

AIBSNLEA & AITEEA conducted Lunch Hour Demonstration on 06.04.2017 at BSNL Corporate Office / Circle / SSA HQs as a protest against the arbitrary notification of DoT OM dated 28.03.2017 and non-submission of Committee report on Pay anomaly case i.e. Rs. 22820/- as initial basic for JTOs/JAOs recruited post 2007.

Lunch Hour demonstration was held at CGM Office,CHTD with mass participation. New faces and Post 2007 JTO/JAOs participated in the demonstration in large number. This is the indication of more executives participating in the future agitation programs and achieving our demands. Keeping in mind that this agitation is purely for the purpose of post 2007 executives, CS and ACS request maximum strength for the future programs. 



06-04-2017: CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.)

Our GS, AGS (HQs) and AGS (Fin) met with PGM (Pers.) and discussed regarding the status of CPC from DE to DGM (Engg). PGM (Pers) informed that the work is going on smoothly, The CPC members are checking all the APARs. The work is likely to be completed by tomorrow and thereafter the posting orders will be issued in the next week.


04.04.17: Notice to CGM ChTD for Lunch Hour Demo on 06.04.17

Letter to CGM  on 04.04.17  intimating about the Lunch Hour Demonstration to be conducted  on 06.04.17 in front of O/o CGM Telephones,78, P.H.Road,Chennai-10.

             AIBSNLEA/CHTD/2017-18/CHQ/CGM/01   DTD      04.04.2017

  Sub: Permission for conducting Lunch Hour Demonstration on 06.04.2017

   Ref: AIBSNLEA/AITEEA/CMD/16-17/     dtd 31.03.17

           As per the Notice under reference, AIBSNLEA CHQ direction Lunch Hour Demonstration will be conducted in front of BSNL CO/Circle Office/SSAs on 06-04-2017 as protest against the arbitrary notification of DoT OM dtd 28.03.17 by DoT for intermediary  pay scales E1A & E2A instead of standard pay scales of E2 & E3 pay scales & and non-submission of committee report or pay anomaly case .i.e. Rs.22820 as initial basic for JTOs/JAOs recruited post 2007.

As per the AIBSNLEA CHQ direction, AIBSNLEA CHTD will be conducting Lunch Hour demonstration at Circle Office on 06.04.17.This is for kind information.


31-03-2017 Happy Retired Life to Members retired today.

Com V.Subramanyam SDE (Vigilance) retired on superannuation was felicitated with shawl by CS, Comrade B.Manjunath  and other Circle Office Bearers. Comrade donated Rs.2000/- to the Association Fund on this occasion. CS remembered dedication of Com.V.Subramanyam and the contributions given by him to the Association and wished him a peaceful retired life.

Comrade Jayasurya Chellam ADOL was honored with shawl by CS on the occasion of her retirement today. CS wished her on behalf of our Association for good healthy retired life.

Comrade Suseela Venkataraman SDE Extl Mambalam retired on super annuation today. Comrade was honored by CS and Branch Executives during the occasion. CS wished her for a healthy and peaceful retired life. 

AIBSNLEA CHTD Wishes a very happy and healthy retired life to all Officers and Staff retired today.

31-03-2017:- CHQ NEWS…

CPC from DE to DGM (Engg.):  GS discussed with concerned authorities of Pers. Cell regarding the progress of CPC for promotion from DE to DGM. It is understood that the CPC work is in progress. All the committee members of the CPC and Chairman are securitizing the ACRs/APARs. The CPC work is likely to be completed by the Thursday of the next week. Thereafter, the promotion orders are expected on Friday i.e. on  07.04.2017 to fill-up about 388 vacant DGM posts. 

Our senior comrades are continuously  calling and told  to OS South  “Today b…. day for seniors” because last July 2016 onwards, we are  waiting.. waiting……but not able to  achieved even last day of Financial  Year 2016-2017. Comrade GS sorry  not able to convinced them as CS / OS South CHQ.


30.03.17: Circle Secretary met GM HR & Admn regarding development activities.

Circle Secretary met GM HR & Admn on 28.03.17 on courtesy meet and discussed various development activities of ChTD. Few important points are highlighted below.

1. Shortage of SDE /JTOs at various places needs to be fulfilled.

2.Request transfer cases of SDEs has been pending for years together. CS requested to take up the transfer cases at the earliest.

3.Modification order is requested for DE like other DEs/AGM orders.

4. JAO vacancies are available in Chennai Telephones. Officials (Sr.TOA(P) & (G) and TTAs) who have passed LICE 40% competitive JAO Exam should be accommodated.GM HR positively responded and intimated that he will take up this case with Corporate office.